Are smart watches for everyone?

As technology continues to develop, watches have too. Smart watches are the new gadget to get your hands on, well so it seems. But, what do they actually do?

Smart phones provide a discrete way to manage your phone simply at your wrist. Smart phones were created to help people manage their day easier and quicker than getting out your phone.

The main function of a smart watch is that they display any phone calls your phone is receiving. Meaning you can take a look at your watch and decide if the call is urgent enough to answer it or not, great for business meetings when you do not want to appear rude or cause distraction.

Another handy feature is syncing your phones Apps to the watch, allowing you to receive notifications directly to the screen of the watch. You are alerting in a discrete manor with a small vibration to the wrist.

Additional features such as quick calculator, camera control and calendar can all be synced from your smart phone to the smart watch. You can set alarms a set times which will come through to your watch as a notification.