Solar power Christmas gift ideas

Solar power is all the rage right now, and there are many different small and quirky products that you can buy for friends and loved ones this Christmas. Solar powered phone charges are extremely popular right now, and they essentially give your phone more life later in the day when you’ve drained most of your battery, so they’re very handy. Fairy lights or lanterns for your gardens can be powered by solar panels too, and you can buy these as a set online, a great way to liven up your friend’s garden. For something a little bit more pocket sizes, you can buy cufflinks, which feature a piece of a piece of a real PV solar cell. It’s a cool gift that looks brilliant on a suit, and its’ especially great if you’re buying it for a roofer or solar panel specialist! Another option is a completely solar-powered radio. These are quite brilliant and never really run out of power if they’re left on a bright window side.

How to use Windows Explorer in simple terms

In my work as a PC Repair Engineer, I come across a lot of different problems.
But one recurring issue is the fact that people are not taught the basics of how to use Windows!

To help remedy this, I have produced a series of Blog Articles showing a step-by-step introduction to Files and Folders.

Starting from the very basics, it gives the novice vital information on how their files are stored, and instructions on how to navigate the Folder system.

Organising the plethora of files that build up in one’s computer can be a daunting task, but with the tips provided here, I hope to make it a little more manageable, teaching you how to Cut and Copy multiple files/Folders at once and navigate quickly between different Folders.

The Summary Page provides a simple Glossary of terms and recaps the lessons we have learned, as well as providing a guide to identify the different types of Files.

Although aimed at complete novices, even more, advanced users may find some useful information here, whether on the use of the Ribbon, right-click sub-menus or Control Keys.

Remember, if you need any help with your PC or laptop, call the PC Wizard for a fix in the comfort of your home.