Things to consider when changing your sockets and switches

If you are looking to upgrade your current sockets and switches because they are worn and old then there a few things you may need to consider before doing so.

Metal finish – If you have decided to go with a metal finish its always a good idea to consider the other types of metal finishes such as door handles. Matching the metal finishes will give a more cohesive look.

Wall conditions – flat plate sockets and switches look great and will leave a great finish to your home, but you should always consider the conditions of your walls. If you have anything other than flat walls then steer clear, they show up differences easily so must be put on straight.

Recently plastered walls – if you have recently had your walls skimmed then avoid replacing your sockets and switches for 6 months. Newly plastered walls can take up to 6 months to completely dry and if you do replace when the plaster isn’t properly dried you run the risk of staining on your new sockets and switches.