How to change a light fitting

Changing a light fitting is an easy task for experienced electricians and a task that you should always call in the professionals for. If you do have electrical experience then there are a few simple steps to follow to change your light fitting.

1. You must isolate the circuit you are working on – switch off the main switch on the circuit board
2. Test the light to ensure it is isolated
3. Unscrew the cover on the ceiling and the wires will be exposed
4. The basic loop in the ceiling is a rose arrangement that is found in most homes in the UK
5. Remove the two flex wires, you will see 3 red wires in the middle terminal these need to stay together
6. Unscrew all the wires and remove them from the terminals and then remove the ceiling rose
7. With the new light, fitting follow the instructions carefully and connect all of the wires to the new fitting.
8. Ensure they are all tight in the new terminals by gently giving them a pull and when you are happy they are secure you can fix the light fitting to your new bracket.