Are solar panels a good investment?

Solar panels tend to be very expensive, but are they actually worth the investment? The first thing you will need to consider is which direction your roof faces. If you have a south facing roof you will get maximum savings, if your roof is not south facing your solar panels may not be as effective.

You will also need to consider what area of the UK you live in. Solar panels work on how many daylight hours they get rather than actual sunlight. The further down south you live the more daylight hours you get, meaning they are more effective.

How much will I save yearly?

Typically, you will save between £85-£220 on your energy bill each year with solar panels, this is all dependant on size of the panels and how many daylight hours your panels will receive.

Will they add value to my home?

They could potentially add value to your home and to how sell-able your home is. There is a big appeal to a lot of people wanting to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.