The Positives and Negatives of the Mac Operating System

Sales of Mac computers, seem to continuously increase, but there are still many Windows users that are wondering about the main differences between two systems, and if the switch is worth the extra expense. The higher cost of Mac’s tends to be the main drawback for many buyers, but the higher cost seems to stem from the fact that there is no low-end hardware available for the Mac brand. The Mac is typically guaranteed for approximately five years of usage.


• User Interface is said to be more streamlined and straightforward than most other operating systems and gives the user an easy guide to updating and deleting apps.
• The Mac OS boast being less susceptible to security issues such as Malware. Apple also ensure that apps undergo intense testing to further reduce the risk of security breaches.
• The multitasking capabilities of a Mac are unparalleled by any other operating system. The specialised multitasking feature offers special trackpads and keys to help users switch between apps with ease.


• The cost of a Mac will typically be higher than any other comparable product.
• There is no flexibility when it comes to hardware upgrades.
• MacOS is more limited in the capability and variety of gaming, than that of most Windows operating systems.