Top Tech 2022

Power of Computers

We already have a better Cloud Infrastructure, with many businesses already having re-platformed to the cloud. We’ve seen the introduction of 5G with 6G just coming into sight too. This will mean even more power in our cars, phones and wearable devices.

Devices getting Smarter

The growth in computer power means we can build smarter devices. We have autonomous cars and intelligent robots that can work alongside humans for better productivity.


We have enormous amounts of data in our ever-growing digitised world. This data can be the biggest asset to most businesses as data can be tracked, monitored and analysed to understand the customer better.


Artificial Intelligence. We have computers that can see and recognise objects. Language processing is improving so machines can understand the human voice and respond. 

3D Printing

It’s already impacting the design process for some manufacturers. Imagine the changes we’ll see in manufacturing moving forward and mass-produced customised pieces and composite pieces.