Things to consider when changing your sockets and switches

If you are looking to upgrade your current sockets and switches because they are worn and old then there a few things you may need to consider before doing so.

Metal finish – If you have decided to go with a metal finish its always a good idea to consider the other types of metal finishes such as door handles. Matching the metal finishes will give a more cohesive look.

Wall conditions – flat plate sockets and switches look great and will leave a great finish to your home, but you should always consider the conditions of your walls. If you have anything other than flat walls then steer clear, they show up differences easily so must be put on straight.

Recently plastered walls – if you have recently had your walls skimmed then avoid replacing your sockets and switches for 6 months. Newly plastered walls can take up to 6 months to completely dry and if you do replace when the plaster isn’t properly dried you run the risk of staining on your new sockets and switches.

Solar panels to warm up your home’s water

Many people see solar panels as a fantastic way to reduce energy bills and though hey can be a big investment to start with, they do save you significant amounts of pennies every year. This is entirely true, and whilst you can use them as alternatives for electricity, you can also have solar panels installed on your roof for specific purposes, such as heating up your water. Using the energy from the sun, you can heat up your tank without using any electricity whatsoever so when you run a bath, wash up or hop in the shower; you can get super hot water without a penny being spent! This is a lovely idea for those who want traditional gas and electric with a modern supply source for heating hot water. It also means that when the solar panel energy has been used you can easily go back to electricity and your tank can be set up to switch automatically.

Solar power Christmas gift ideas

Solar power is all the rage right now, and there are many different small and quirky products that you can buy for friends and loved ones this Christmas. Solar powered phone charges are extremely popular right now, and they essentially give your phone more life later in the day when you’ve drained most of your battery, so they’re very handy. Fairy lights or lanterns for your gardens can be powered by solar panels too, and you can buy these as a set online, a great way to liven up your friend’s garden. For something a little bit more pocket sizes, you can buy cufflinks, which feature a piece of a piece of a real PV solar cell. It’s a cool gift that looks brilliant on a suit, and its’ especially great if you’re buying it for a roofer or solar panel specialist! Another option is a completely solar-powered radio. These are quite brilliant and never really run out of power if they’re left on a bright window side.

How to use Windows Explorer in simple terms

In my work as a PC Repair Engineer, I come across a lot of different problems.
But one recurring issue is the fact that people are not taught the basics of how to use Windows!

To help remedy this, I have produced a series of Blog Articles showing a step-by-step introduction to Files and Folders.

Starting from the very basics, it gives the novice vital information on how their files are stored, and instructions on how to navigate the Folder system.

Organising the plethora of files that build up in one’s computer can be a daunting task, but with the tips provided here, I hope to make it a little more manageable, teaching you how to Cut and Copy multiple files/Folders at once and navigate quickly between different Folders.

The Summary Page provides a simple Glossary of terms and recaps the lessons we have learned, as well as providing a guide to identify the different types of Files.

Although aimed at complete novices, even more, advanced users may find some useful information here, whether on the use of the Ribbon, right-click sub-menus or Control Keys.

Remember, if you need any help with your PC or laptop, call the PC Wizard for a fix in the comfort of your home.

Are smart watches for everyone?

As technology continues to develop, watches have too. Smart watches are the new gadget to get your hands on, well so it seems. But, what do they actually do?

Smart phones provide a discrete way to manage your phone simply at your wrist. Smart phones were created to help people manage their day easier and quicker than getting out your phone.

The main function of a smart watch is that they display any phone calls your phone is receiving. Meaning you can take a look at your watch and decide if the call is urgent enough to answer it or not, great for business meetings when you do not want to appear rude or cause distraction.

Another handy feature is syncing your phones Apps to the watch, allowing you to receive notifications directly to the screen of the watch. You are alerting in a discrete manor with a small vibration to the wrist.

Additional features such as quick calculator, camera control and calendar can all be synced from your smart phone to the smart watch. You can set alarms a set times which will come through to your watch as a notification.

Wireless Power Tools: Why they’re now the norm

Many contractors in the UK and overseas use wireless power tools, and it’s more frequent you’ll see contractors using wireless than wired, but why does it matter so much?

Well having no wires to get in your way makes the world of difference to a contractor who’s constantly moving, and though it’s cheaper to buy wired tools, most professional contractors will only opt for wireless. It’s also worth noting that the cost of these tools has come down considerable, especially over the last few years, and even DIY enthusiasts choose wireless over wired. It’s another sign that the technology is always evolving, and like we’ve mentioned in our most recent post, there are also wireless chargers for these devices now, so it’s incredible just how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, especially in the UK construction/development industry where tools are used daily.

Wireless Charging for Mobiles: Why is it such a big deal?

Wireless charging has been around for a number of years now, but it’s just come back into the limelight, and that’s because the next set of iPhones have been announced. The 8, 8 Plus and X (also referred to as iPhone 10) come with wireless charging. Many have expected this for some time, especially considering the fact that Many Android phones were ahead of the game, which is often the case. But this all leads to one big question:

What’s the big deal?

Well wireless charging prevents damage to your phone, it also ensures cables can’t be broken in the process of charging, as if often the case with wired chargers. Some charging speeds are also improved, but that’s really it. It doesn’t drastically change our lives, it’s just seen as a cool feature, and it will be interesting to see if all phone makers from now on follow the wireless charging movement.

High Time for Home Automation Systems

Home automation is a term that’s used regularly by many home décor and furniture companies, and that because one single home automation system can control multiple fixtures, such as lamps, curtains, televisions, doors, windows and heaters.

Home automation is all about making life easier and controlling multiple devices with just one system. It’s still a relatively new concept right now, but more luxury brands are putting time and energy into marketing this concept. There are many devices to choose from, and some use a main console on a wall that can be used to control lots of devices, whilst they also come with a handy remote control, so you can simply be relaxing in your arm chair, whilst opening the curtains and turning off a lamp with the click of a button. Some will of course say this is lazy, but when you’ve had a long day and you want to relax, these devices are a must have!

Will Solar Power in the UK continue to break records?

It was interesting to hear that several months ago solar power in the UK broke records due to sunny skies and relatively low summer demand. What makes this record even more interesting is the fact that solar power was virtually unheard of 10 years ago and look where we are today.

Nearly every home will have at least one solar powered gadget, whilst you don’t have to look far these days to find a house or new development with solar panels mounted on top. So it does beg the question, will records continue to be broken going forward? The government has cut a great deal of funding in solar power, and this news puts pressure on the government to backtrack on these cuts, but there’s no denying the importance of solar power in modern society, and we’re sure we will see further developments and plenty of records broken in the near future!

Why is electricity so dangerous?

Many of you reading this article have probably felt a small electric shock, often cuased by static electricity, and this goes to show that humans are really good conductors of electricity!

Of course a real electric shock is a lot more painful and it can actually kill instantly, so how does it work? Well electricity moves quickly through water and the human body is 70% water. There’s also the fact that electricity always tries to find the easiest path to the ground, so a heartbeat is interrupted and blood vessels tighten, whilst the burns occur where the electricity burns and leaves the body. Unfortunately, accidents happen and electricity is the cause of thousands of accidents each and every year, so we need to always remember these facts, and make sure our children know just how dangerous electricity is. With more reliance on electricity than ever before, it’s important to make sure your electrical appliances are as safe as they need to be.