Staying safe on public Wifi

Because you’re sharing a public network with strangers when using an open WiFi hotspot at a cafe, bus stop, or shopping centre, there is always some danger involved. Your efforts to reduce exposure will determine how safe you are.

Make sure the name of the WiFi network while connecting to a public hotspot corresponds to the name of the establishment or location where you are. It’s probably not safe to join if the word or characters are random. The type of connection you’re using is another consideration; only rely on the HTTPS network at any business.

Make sure the URL of each website you visit begins with HTTPS rather than just HTTP. You will be kept protected by that S, which stands for secure.

The last thing to remember is to avoid using websites that require personal banking information, such as online banks and e-commerce platforms until you are at home on your own connection because personal information can be stolen by hackers on public Wifi. Let’s maintain our privacy and safety.